Migrating your 'profile' before new computers can be installed

To prepare for the rollout and installation of the new eHospital computers you must migrate your ‘profile’ from your current Trust computer – at least one week before the new eHospital computers are installed in your work area.


Because your profile contains:

  • information stored in My Documents and files saved on the computer Desktop
  • websites that you have stored as internet 'favourites‘
  • personalised settings/customisations that you use for specific applications.

Your migrated profile will be saved in a temporary storage area so you can access and save information, favourites, customised settings onto your new eHospital computer.

How to migrate your ‘Profile’

Using a current Trust computer (not a new eHospital computer) please follow these steps:

  1. Close any open applications.
  2. Double-click on the HP Local Migration Tool icon that appears on your computer’s desktop.
  3. A black data migration script box and white dialogue box will appear. The dialogue box will ask you to confirm that you have closed any open applications, will give you an estimated time it will take to migrate your profile, and ask you to confirm that you would like to run the migration process now – click the Yes button.
  4. You will then be prompted to confirm that ‘this is the MAIN computer you use’ (ie the one you use the most).
  5. Once you confirmed this the migration process will take place.
    During this time please do not use the computer.
  6. When the migration process is complete the screen will change to FINISHED – click the OK button.
  7. This screen will then appear asking you to add a description to help you identify this computer for when you want to access the data in the temporary storage area that has now been migrated from it.
  8. Now that your profile has been migrated you must not save any data/files on the computer's C:/drive (local disk/hard drive) – save all information to your department’s file share/network folder. When this computer is replaced it will be securely data wiped.

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